Rain won’t stop the Four Fold Tournament

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At Merrowvista, there are two kinds of weather days: beautiful golden days (sunny) and beautiful silver days (rainy). As campers entered the last week of Session A, not even a thunder-filled silver day could stop the kickoff of the Four Fold Tournament.

The entire community gathered in the Activity Center before dinner to learn about this year’s Four-Fold competition and which teams they would be on. All week, the campers compete to earn points during many camp-wide activities.

With the inclement weather, the Merrowvista community could not enjoy the initially scheduled Night’s Doings outside, but the incredible activities team was ready with one of the most popular indoor Night’s Doing’s options, Middle Earth Duel.

Participants learn how to “duel,” led by a beloved character named Tim, a mystical man who hails from the mountains of the Canaan Valley.


Each person takes a slip of paper with a number and character. After, players finds another person and taps them to engage in a duel. Each person’s number determines the duel’s outcome, and the winner collects the other person’s slip of the paper. As the game progressed, teams earned points toward the Four Fold Tournament.


Many event like the relay and camp-wide Capture the Flag still remain this week for teams to earn more points toward the coveted Four Fold plaque.