Rain AND Shine

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Happy Trails to our Adventurers and Explorers Trips

Today dawned sunny and the polar bears were out in force.  The humidity was also out in force! The sun was still shining as the Adventurer Cycling Trip led Morning Stretch dancing and moving our way into breakfast.

happy trails
Singing Happy Trails to the Explorers

The whole Camp sang “Happy Trails” to send off the Adventurers for Cycling, Explorers 1 for Cycling and Explorers 2 for Canoeing.  Camp will be a little smaller, and they’ll be missed as they head off to their great adventures on trail.

Skies began to darken as we moved through Community Time and into Interest Groups.  As winds picked up and rain and thunder approached, we gathered early in the Eating Lodge to continue indoors safely … and, of course, to make sure we didn’t miss lunch and had plenty of time to dance.

Rest Hour was happily spent in cabins as rain fell.  It was a great day to be curled up with a book or to play a game.  As fast as the storm came over the lake, it moved on!  Sun shone brightly on Assembly with its “Lost and Found Fashion Show” and afternoon Interest Groups.   Tribes convened meetings to start planning skits and songs for Friday’s big Tribal Council.  Anticipation is building, ideas are hatching.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

CORETonight, skies are darkening again, but that’s ok.  Every cabin group is enjoying some welcome Cabin Time.  Improv Games are hopping in the Upper Tipi….. Copper enameling and High Ropes are on for 1-week cabins.

The night will close with Cabin Chats and the nightly cabin group rituals, big and small, that are now established.