Putting Friendly Back Into Competition

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Sunday was filled with fun and friendly competition. The morning at Miniwanca was typical, but the afternoon was the anticipated Quad Cup. Quad Cup is the event where four teams from both camps come together to compete for points toward winning the Quad Shield.

Session B’s cup was one to remember. It was a hot day, so the first event was an all-quad competition where campers raced to passed a soaking wet sponge down a line. The other all-quad event required everyone in the quad to put on, take off, and pass a large t-shirt down the line.

The other events did not require whole quad participation in one place, but everyone helped their team along. Foxtail chases and water bucket musical chairs captured the center of attention, but the background acts of unfolding a frozen t-shirt, building the tallest freestanding Lego structure, and creating a human pyramid helped bring in points.

It was a tight competition, but the Ridges (Bridges when combined with their Boys Camp counterparts) came out victorious. Shortly after the winner was announced, everyone gathered together to welcome Adventurers back to Miniwanca.

The afternoon was one of competition, but the evening was one of camaraderie. Campers enjoyed an all camp cook-out at Boys Camp before they walked back to Girls Camp. Once back at West Camp, there were s’mores and late-night dips in Lake Michigan. Some campers even chose to camp out on the beach under the stars.