A Perfect Opening Day!

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Girls hands tunnel in the Hollow

Blue skies and cool breezes blew in over Lake Michigan for Session B Opening Day! Signs along Ridge Road welcomed families as they made their way to the Upper Tipi for Registration and Health Check. Returning campers embraced each other with squeals of joy while first timers looked on, eyes wide with excitement. The St. Louis bus arrived right on time at 4:00 and all of the airport shuttles pulled in before dinner.

Today we welcomed 130 girls ages 8-15 to our programРsome will stay one week and others will be with us for three weeks. The oldest campers,  Explorers and Adventurers, will complete cycling and canoeing adventures around Michigan while younger campers take Interest Groups and explore Miniwanca.

After choosing bunks and making their beds, campers gathered for games in the Hollow and Eating Lodge Orientation. Dinner was a high energy first meal of pasta with marinara sauce, garlic bread and carrots followed by brownies. After returning the dishes at the Exchange, staff unveiled the 2017 Flash Mob dance as campers jumped right in and began to follow along with enthusiasm.

While in the Eating Lodge, Sally explained the Interest Group options and campers made their choices for this week’s classes. Once the sign-up was complete, we gathered in the Council Circle for Opening Ceremonies with skits and cheers. Each cabin prepared a silly presentation, many complete with costumes and songs created this afternoon. We had many laughs as we met each member of our community and campers learned whether they will be Dunes, Draws, Ridges, or Trails.

Tonight campers are tucked into bed and quiet whispers can be heard throughout the cabin area as they settle in for the first night in their bunks. It’s going to be an incredible session!