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July 28, 2022

Creating Joy Through Community

Each new day at Miniwanca comes with a new theme for the campers to reflect on during flag raising and Evening Reflection. Today’s theme was …

July 28, 2022


Tuesday was a remarkable day at Miniwanca. The morning started with the Doc Wheels Fun Run when both camps gathered together to run, slog (slow …

July 27, 2022

Enkindled Spirits: Hannah Puma

Hannah Puma’s AYF experience began when she was a small child, running around Miniwanca as her mom worked at camp for multiple summers. She couldn’t …

July 26, 2022

Putting Friendly Back Into Competition

Sunday was filled with fun and friendly competition. The morning at Miniwanca was typical, but the afternoon was the anticipated Quad Cup. Quad Cup is …

July 26, 2022

A Trip to the Well Site

Saturday began with Something Sacred, a reflective period that encourages campers to develop their spiritual fold, one of the four folds the American Youth Foundation …

July 26, 2022

Banding Together for A Day of Fun

After finishing out the second week of rotation of interest groups, it was time for a day of special programming at Miniwanca. On Wednesday, campers …

July 21, 2022

Camp Risk launches at Merrowvista 2022

The Four Fold tournament is underway at Merrowvista, and the competition is intense. On Wednesday morning, the teams assembled at the Activity Center to learn …

July 21, 2022

Happy Trails

“Happy trails to you, until we meet again…” Earlier this week, singing and cheers the Eating Lodge at breakfast as campers wished the Adventurers and …

July 20, 2022

Rain won’t stop the Four Fold Tournament

At Merrowvista, there are two kinds of weather days: beautiful golden days (sunny) and beautiful silver days (rainy). As campers entered the last week of …

July 19, 2022

Brand New Faces, Brand New Places

At Miniwanca, there are many exciting changes taking place within the community at Boys Camp. It’s the start of Week 2, which means there are …

July 19, 2022

Adventure is Everywhere

As the Girls Campers move into week two, everyone adjusted to the typical rhythm of Miniwanca life. Week two also means the start of new …

July 19, 2022

Camaraderie and Competition

July 14 was a beautiful day at Miniwanca without a single cloud in the sky. Girls campers took in the sunshine all day as they …

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