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Patrick O’Hagin, Merrowvista Facilities Manager

August 26, 2021

Staff Spotlight: Patrick O’Hagin

Patrick O’Hagin is a beloved, mustachioed presence at Merrowvista – and a man of many talents. As Facilities Manager, he makes sure the buildings, grounds, …

August 17, 2021

The AYF welcomes new board chair DD Danforth-Burlin

The American Youth Foundation turns the page to a new chapter this month as it transitions to new board leadership. After nearly 20 years of …

July 28, 2021

Camp Conquest – July 28, 2021

Morning Wayfinder C led Flag Raise on this golden day. They shared how they’ve grown in the past year and then swiftly headed to Out …

July 24, 2021

County Fair – July 24, 2021

Morning   Breakfast this morning was happily interrupted by a Wayfinder D/E flash mob! Little Bigelow prepared for their hiking trip with a fire starting …

July 20, 2021

Day 10 – July 20, 2021

Morning   This joyful morning, our Go Getters were out in full force. Moosilaukee, Chocorua, Little Bigelow, and Tri-Pyramid met on the basketball court shooting …

July 17, 2021

Day 7 – July 17, 2021

Morning   Tri-Pyramid led this morning’s flag raise. They shared a heartfelt list of all they’re truly grateful for this summer. Chocorua’s creativity was on …

Campers in a circle

July 17, 2021

Effervescent Sparks

Three weeks ago, Camp Miniwanca sprang to life after 18 months of cocooning and the first missed summer in almost 100 years. The sacred spaces …

July 14, 2021

Day 4 – July 14, 2021

This happy silver day started with Wayfinder A in the Gazillion for some Arts & Crafts. They made handcrafted envelopes for some very special letters, …

July 13, 2021

Spreading Gratitude

The chorus of bird song seemed to pause momentarily as the Turn of the Road bell rang out over the Draws, Dunes, Ridges, and Trails …

July 13, 2021

Howdy, Campers! The First 3 Days of Summer 2021

Summer 2021 has officially begun at Merrowvista! The Media Specialist will share periodic dispatches from camp here on the blog. Check back as we share …

July 13, 2021

To Aspire Nobly

As our three-week voyage of discovery heads into its final few days, the community has become deeply intertwined, cabins feel like home, and everyone has …

July 9, 2021

Dreams Come True, Adventure Day!

At Miniwanca, Quads support each other and people flourish as they dare to dream. The golden sun shined brightly above downtown Miniwanca to kick off …

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