Our Last Full Day

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Miniwanca. Girls Camp, Voyageur 2019

Happy days indeed, here at Miniwanca. Our Polar Bears went to slip in the dip one last time and enjoy the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan after waking. Our Voyager campers led a Morning Stretch on the beach on the topic journey, the whole community processed into the Eating Lodge for a delicious danish and hard boiled egg breakfast.

Campers then headed to CORE to write letters to their future selves and finished their final Interest Groups. After one last chance to play some games, shoot some arrows, and makes some bracelets, the campers headed to a chili and quesadilla lunch. After responsibilities and dancing, we all got a Rest Hour in and then gathered in Council Circle for Awards Assembly. Our Polar Bear campers received their t-shirts, the skippers received awards, the Foresters received a reminder of their trip, and the campers learned the Secret of the Tags (ooh, ahh, secret of the tags).

After Awards Assembly, the campers headed for their cabins for packing and cleaning, and then a Mythical Creatures themed banquet hosted by our Avail campers! There were mermaids, frogs, and of course unicorns. We feasted on chicken, alfredo, and bread sticks and enjoyed amazing chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Full and ready to finish out the day, we headed to Council Circle for our Grand Council. In typical Miniwanca fashion, we closed our experience with songs, memories, awards, and the recognition of the many amazing things our campers have experienced this summer. We watched the session slide show and then got to listen to our Avail campers share about journeys for this evening’s Vespers.

This has been a magical session and it’s hard to believe it’s already over. We are sad to see all our campers go, but as the song “Linger” says, we know this is goodnight and not goodbye. We’ll see all these wonderful people again.