Opening Day for 2 Weekers

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Today was a sleep in day and we couldn’t have been happier! After slowly making our way to breakfast we had our favorite, Wancabread!! Wancabread is Miniwanca’s specialty breakfast, which is really a cross between coffee cake and cinnamon cake. In addition to the Wancabread we also had sausage, applesauce and hard boiled eggs.

Sunday schedules here at Miniwanca are a little different. We have some time right following breakfast where all the campers get to find a quiet place and reflect. They can either journal, read, or just be with their thoughts. After this time for quiet there was a bell that told us it was time for Something Sacred. Something Sacred is when all the campers and leaders go up to Church of the Dunes for some reflection and singing of  camp songs, an opportunity for all campers to connect with their spiritual selves and what they believe in.

Lunch was a tad bit early in preparation of our 2 weekers coming! We had chicken tenders, coleslaw, and grapes. After an extended rest hour, although there was not much resting in anticipation of the 2 week campers arrival, we all headed up to the Upper Lodge to greet the two weekers.

The afternoon was filled with hugs, and reunited friends as all the two weekers got settled into their cabins. The three weekers either helped greet new campers or took a dip in Lake Michigan on this hot summer day. After all the campers had arrived we moved right into Fun, Safe, Summer rotations to help orient the campers to the lovely campus we call home for the summer.

Dinner followed, and it was a delicious dinner of pasta, bread sticks and broccoli. After dinner the campers got to sign up for their interest groups for their first week at Miniwanca. The options were endless, from Crafthouse medley to Miniwanca Magic.  We then moved on into cabin introduction where each cabin introduced themselves to the larger community! Then we all hurried off to bed and tried to fall asleep as we dreamed about what tomorrow has in store for us at Camp Miniwanca.