One Week Closing Day

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One Week Closing Day 2018

We had to say goodbye to our one weekers today, which was very sad. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to have them in our Boys Camp community and cannot wait to see them back next summer. After a breakfast of eggs and hash browns the one week campers and leaders made their way all the way to Girls Camp Council Circle for closing council. All the one weekers were gifted Founder Medals, which is a tradition started from one of Miniwanca’s founders, William H. Danforth. We wear them to remind us to live by the AYF motto and be our best selves all the time.

The three weekers went to Miniwanca’s Wells site for some fun Lake Michigan beach time after a delicious lunch of sandwiches. We also had the opportunity to learn how to build a fire at the Wells site. After a great afternoon of swimming and games we wandered back to the Stony Lake waterfront where we had our very own cookout! We had hotdogs and hamburgers, and you cannot forget the watermelon. We also had nice cold ice cream to cool us off on this warm Miniwanca day. After our tummies were full we settled down for a movie inside the boat house (Boys Camp Tradition.) It calmed us down just the right amount before heading to our cabin for some good shut eye before two weeker opening day tomorrow!