On The Sand Dunes of Boys Camp

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Miniwanca Camper 2018
Today, while on the highest point on Boys Camp, Mount Baldy, the Darer community had an excellent conversation about their surroundings: the sand dunes, the plants, the trees, and the wildlife.  This gave them a chance to connect with nature and gain respect for their environment.

At the same time, the Challenger community had an hour to relax and float down Stony Creek as a group. This has always been a fun activity that campers get to do. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to interact with the environment in the ways we do here at Miniwanca.

Additionally, the Boys Avail community had an opportunity to play games and start conversations with the Girls Avail community. These Avail campers are the role models of our camps. They discussed how to lead, and that sometimes being a leader means taking a step back and giving someone else the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Each day throughout the week, each camper chooses 3 different interest groups. This week those Interest Groups include: sailing, fishing, football, archery, woodshop, basketball, crafthouse, etc.  This gives campers an opportunity to learn a new skill or to improve upon a previous interest.

Stay tune for more updates about our Fourth of July carnival and festivities tomorrow!