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News from the Trail 2018

Katahdin returned on August 8th from a paddle in northern Maine.   After a couple long days to start along Aziscohoos Lake and the Magalloway River, the group earned a relaxed morning on Lake Umbagog before being shuttled to a campsite on the Androscoggin River, followed by a fun stretch of gentle rapids to finish the trip.  Today, they loaded up their backpacks to test their skills on foot, completing their backpacking shakedown up the Ledge, prior to departing on their journey to the Mahoosuc Range tomorrow.  The gorgeous and challenging Mahoosuc Notch awaits them!

Madison departed on their bike trip today around the Ossipee Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee.  Immediately faced with a couple unlucky flat tires, they are making good time this afternoon to their campsite in Tamworth.  Everyone seems excited to be on their bikes!

Chocorua is midway through their bike trip.  An early start today (biking by 8am!) meant they had time to stop at a farmers market for lunch food, and enjoy a very relaxed afternoon.  This group has also been looking forward to their bike trip all session, and it has been fun watching them excel at this new activity!  Good weather has made for high spirits as well!

Flag departed for their canoe trip yesterday.  In the wilderness of northern Maine, we haven’t received an update yet, which means things are going well!  After persevering through some challenging weather earlier on in their time here, Flag is definitely basking in this nicer weather.  They brought a lot of fun energy to camp in their time here between trips, and we are all excited to hear their stories when they return.

Shaw just submitted Lone Mountain today on their backpacking trip through the Saddlebacks, and took a long rest on top.  They have their resupply tomorrow, before their final push to Bigelow Mountain.  Word has it that they faced some wet weather a few days ago, a long day yesterday waiting out a storm, and then today has been a day to dry off and relax a bit.  The group is all doing very well, with much laughter and teamwork.

Nesuntabunt is winding their way along the Maine coast on bikes, choosing to go the long and scenic route pretty much every day!  So far they have ridden a ferry, biked to Popham Beach State park, biked around Boothbay Harbor on a “rest day,” and biked completely out of their way to see another lighthouse on Pemaquid Point.  Soon, they will reach the furthest point at Camden Hill State Park.

All Voyageur groups are currently in their home stretches back to Yarmouth.  After multiple century days between the groups, as well as visits to Prince Edwards Island by all three groups, they are now all enjoying some more relaxed mileage days to make it back.  Voyageur A and B are on the southern coast of Nova Scotia, currently in the Liverpool area.  Voyageur C is on the northern coast, taking a rest day in Digby.

On August 6th, I had the pleasure of providing a resupply for both Odyssey groups.  Both groups have hit their stride, with the toughest of the challenges behind them.  Ody A has a culture of getting up early to hit the trail as soon as they can, and are very weight conscious – carefully counting food and even ditching excess weight such as paperclips to send back with me.  Through-hikers at heart!  Ody B is taking a much more relaxed and laid-back approach, starting their hike each morning when the group chooses, and taking advantage of each and every swim opportunity along the way.  As for weight, they chose to keep the extra food!  With their varied styles, both groups are excelling, and will be reaching Baxter State Park tomorrow (A) and the next day (B)!