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Circle Team 2018

Tonight’s Nights Doings was MV Production! MV Production is the Merrowvista play that happens every session. This year, the play was written and co-directed by campers! They worked hard during and outside of interest groups preparing for tonight’s performance, and they did not disappoint.

The play started off taking place at our very own Dan Hole Pond, where two village-mates set off to go paddle boarding. They found the fridge, which is located at the bottom of the Pond, which ultimately led them to become time travelers. They traveled back in time before Merrowvista was a camp and stumbled upon the founders! (Scene 5 below)

The play had the Merrowvista community laughing together and thinking about the 4 folds in a new way. Thank you to the MV Productions cast and crew for making last night happen! Hear Hear!

Scene 5:

Olivia: It’s got to be close now.

Ashley: God, we’ve been looking for hours…

Olivia: We’ve been looking for like 15 minutes.

Ashley: I know. But I’m tired. I just had to exert a lot of physical energy.

Olivia: Okay, good for you. I’ve been exerting mental energy this entire time.

Ashley: Are you saying I haven’t??

Olivia: Nooooo of course not!!! You’ve been soooo helpful.

Ashley: I had to literally climb a tree. You’ve just been reading your dumb books.

Olivia: They’re not dumb. Knowledge is power.

Ashley: “Knowledge is power”

Olivia: Why do you always make fun of me??

Ashley: You always make fun of me!! You act like I’m stupid all the time!

Olivia: You tell me I’m annoying all the time!!

Suddenly, they spot the mug.

Ashley: Wait, there it is!

Olivia: Perfect. I’ll grab it.

Ashley: No, I want to!

Olivia: You just got the last one!

Ashley: Okay, you got the one before that??

As they’re arguing, Scarlet comes up and snatches the mug.

Scarlet: Why don’t I hold onto this?

Ashley: Hey, that’s our mug!

Scarlet: Not anymore it isn’t.

Kris: Sorry, your plan is foiled.

Olivia: What plan?? We’re just trying to get home!

Scarlet: Likely story.

Ashley: Give it back!! We can’t leave without it!

Scarlet: Never! We’re not letting anyone jeopardize all that we’ve worked towards

Ashley: We’re not trying to ruin anything!

Kris: Maybe we should cool it, Scarlet.

Scarlet: Oh, be quiet you fool.

Olivia: Give us that mug!

She tries to snatch for it. Scarlet runs around. Chase ensues.

Ashley: We’re going to have to work together!!

Olivia: You’re right!!

Ashley, Olivia, and Kris corner Scarlet center stage.

Kris: Scarlet, is this really about the camp??

Scarlet: Of course it isn’t. Who needs a camp when we have the power of time??

Kris: But what about the children??

Scarlet: Well…

Olivia: Yes, we go to the camp in the future!

Ashley: And it’s amazing.

Olivia: It’s changed my life. I used to be really shy and now I’m going on an adventure!

Ashley: And I used to never talk to other people outside of my friend group. And now… I’ve made a new friend.

Olivia: Me?

Ashley: No, the fridge. Just kidding, of course it’s you.

Insert: AWWWWW.

Scarlet: Well… I did want to change lives.

Kris: Yes! That was our original goal. And it clearly worked. Look at these smart and strong kids! This is our future, and it looks bright.

Scarlet: You’re right. Here, take your mug.

Olivia/Ashley: Thank you.

They put the mug in the fridge.

Fridge: Mug power level 75%.

Olivia: Okay, we just need one more.

Kris: And we’ll help you find it.

Ashley: We’ve looked all over the forest, though. Where could it be?

Scarlet: Well, how did you find the other three?

Ashley: Olivia solved a mental puzzle.

Olivia: And Ashley had to climb up a tree. A physical challenge.

Kris: And then we all had to work together to find the last one.

Olivia: Wait a second… mental, physical, and social. The last fold!!

Scarlet: Fold?

Ashley: Yeah, in modern day camp, we have the four folds to help us lead a balanced life.

Scarlet: What a great idea… We should do that.

Kris: Well, if we’ve done mental, physical, and social… The best way to live a life of balance is to reflect on it all.

Fridge: I may have an idea… Everyone, meditate.

Ashley: Meditate? Haven’t we used our brains enough?

Kris: Reflection is part of a balanced lifestyle, you noob!

They all meditate. A mug floats in.

Olivia: The last mug!!!

She puts the last mug in the fridge.

Fridge: Mug power level 100%. Time travel sequence ready.

Ashley: Aww, now I’m sad. I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark.

Kris: My name isn’t Mr. Stark.

Ashley: Oh, sorry. That was a joke. Shout out to my Marvel fans.

Kris: My name is Kristopherson Glow. But I’m thinking of shortening it to Kris Light.

Scarlet: You really make no sense sometimes.

Olivia: Well… I guess this is it.

Fridge: I will miss you both. But before you leave, I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier.

Ashley: About what??

Fridge: My name. I have decided. My name is… Jeremy.

They touch the fridge. ~Time travel sequence~ They end up back in Dan Hole Pond. They swim to the surface.

Olivia: We’re back!

Ashley: I see Susan waving the flag! I don’t think any time has passed at all.

Olivia: Do you think anyone will believe what just happened?

Ashley: It is camp. Anything can really happen.

Olivia: We should probably go get those mugs.

Ashley: True. We shouldn’t contribute to the great mug migration any more than we already have.

Olivia: Let’s bring these to Mahoosuc!!!

Kris: Shout out to my boys!!