Monday June 26 – Helping the Tribe Along

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Girls Camp Miniwanca Avail

Greetings from Girls Camp! Yesterday was another wonderful day, full of action and fun. The day started off with a bang when our campers found out what tribe they are and who their tribal leaders are in during Morning Stretch!

Our tribes represent a huge part of the fun at Miniwanca.  If you are a fan of Harry Potter stories, think of the cabins being sorted into Houses – but we call them tribes.  A good question to ask your camper is, “What tribe are you in?”  A clue for you would be the color of their new Miniwanca t-shirt!  If they are  a: Ridge (Red shirt), a Dune (Green shirt), a Trail (Orange shirt), or a Draw (Purple shirt).   Throughout their time here at camp, the tribes will be competing for a Tribal Shield.  This tradition dates back to the very beginning of Miniwanca.  Tribes are awarded points for Cabin cleanliness, Spirit, Tribal games, Night’s Doings, Postive Power P’s (think positive mental attitude and contributions to camp), and more.

Campers headed down to the waterfront in the morning for a Water Carnival (with light swim assessment), snagged a cabin photo at the beach, and got to talk to Liz Marshall about how to have a Fun, Safe Summer at Miniwanca. The afternoon brought us around to our first Typical Day, and campers had the opportunity to try out the interest groups they signed up for on Sunday Night.

With a little rain predicted on the forecast for after dinner, we all headed up to Assembly for Grab Bag (which the Trails won!). Luckily the rain passed us by, and we were able to end the day with an Evening Reflection on the beach led by one of our Explorer groups.

Stay tuned in for more news about Miniwanca each day!