Miniwanca seasonal staff prepares for summer 2022

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The sun is shining, Lake Michigan is roaring, and staff are smiling as summer 2022 staff training is almost finished. With just one day left until Session A campers arrive, the Miniwanca staff are hard at work preparing for campers.

Cabin Leaders, Coordinators, Specialists, and more are learning Miniwanca traditions and favorite activities to share with new and returning campers. Some events for staff training, such as Night’s Doings (a special activity that takes place most nights after dinner during camp) inject youthful energy into our staff before campers arrive.

The Opening Fire will be the first official event for campers at Miniwanca, where campers and staff gather together for a night of introductions and fun. The staff participated in their own Opening Fire, complete with cabin introduction skits and reflecting on what they hope to give to Miniwanca this summer.

Staff training is more than just fun activities, though. They are also training to create a safe summer.

All incoming seasonal staff were tested for COVID-19 at arrival and are practicing “green behaviors” when off site, meaning they mask while indoors and avoid crowded indoor spaces. Staff are also receiving other trainings such as CPR and waterfront safety. With all this preparation in place, summer 2022 is shaping up to be a success.