Miniwanca Monday

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What a beautiful, Miniwanca day! The weather here was pristine, with highs in the low 80s and cool breezes coming in off Lake Michigan. It was the perfect setting for all our outdoor activities, including a Tubing Interest Group led by our LIT’s  down Stony Creek. Beautiful tie dye t-shirts decorated the Eating Lodge deck rails, showing off the bold, groovy creations from the Craft House.

After dinner, all campers learned that they would play Safari for Nights Doings. Our leaders dress as animals and hide throughout the camp; campers then set out on Safari to search for these special creatures. Once found, they bring all the animals back to the Eating Lodge where the girls care for them. The campers LOVE this!

Our Trailblazers, entering 8th Graders, led the Evening Reflection. The sharing of their personal stories inspired us all. With the cooling sand at our feet and the sloping dune as our chair, we were once again treated to a spectacular sunset. Once the sun has finished its descent, the quiet hush of dark envelops the camp. Flash light beams can be seen bouncing through the trees as the day comes to end.