And the Summer Begins!

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In-Camp Update

Hello Everyone! My name is Sophia, I am the Media Specialist at Merrowvista this year and will be the voice behind the blog, but enough about me let’s move on to what your kids have been doing since you dropped them off in the beautiful Canaan Valley!

Camp is in session and bustling with happy campers. We’ve only been here two days but already so much has happened. After everyone was dropped off the fun began with our opening carnival! This is where the campers were met with a mix of different fun events and had the chance to sign up for some of the activities they wanted to try out while they’re here. After a long day of making new friends and getting oriented, campers went to sleep ready for a bright new day. On their first full day at camp they started off with their first flag raising ceremony-a daily morning tradition where the community gathers to reflect on being thankful for what we have and to think about what we want to get out of our time here at Merrowvista. After breakfast we were forced to say goodbye to our Odyssey group who left for their three week hike on the Appalachian trail. We were sad to see them go so soon but excited for them to adventure into the wild and reach their goals.

After wishing the Odyssey campers good luck, the rest of the campers took their swim assessments and had some cabin bonding. As the day wore on campers were able to try out their very first interest group adventures! They got to try out activities such as archery, improv and paddle boarding (to just name a few) and decided which ones they have the most interest in learning more about this summer! After a long day of being their best selves the kids finished off their night with Opening Council- a ceremony that welcomes everyone into the community. Cabins introduce themselves in front of the whole camp and lead everyone in a song. It’s a fun festivity that’s  warm, welcoming fun for everyone.

Today was an overcast Tuesday but the lack of sun didn’t keep away the fun!  after the flag raising and breakfast we sent off our Voyageur campers on their journey to Nova Scotia! You could feel the Voyageurs’ excitement radiating off of them as they parted ways with the Canaan Valley. While the Voyageurs began their international journey the rest of camp took turns in their interest groups for the day. For Night’s Doings, the Trailblazers played a game of capture the flag-but we threw in some twists to the game (like a challenging no running rule). It was really funny watching the creative ways everyone found to try to move as fast as possible without breaking the rules. Meanwhile the Pioneers played a game called Gold Rush. Golden rocks are placed around the meadow and the campers had to gather as much gold as possible and turn them in for cabin points! But they had to watch out because there were bandits every where that were trying to steal their hard earned gold! It’s been an incredible, action filled three days since the campers have arrived and there’s only more to come so if you’re interested in trying to live vicariously through them check back right here soon!


Four Trails Update

Shaw and Flag  villages went on their hike shakedowns to the Ledge today! You may still hear a faint “Tongo!” echoing in the distance. They had a great time on the summit and arrived back at camp to Taco Tuesday and a game of Gold Rush.

Madison village jumped in Dan Hole Pond today both for their swim assessment and their canoe shakedown. The water was cold but the day was warm; in short, it was perfect for a refreshing dip – and they are now masters of the J-stroke!

Spotted rolling out of camp in style this morning: the Jefferson girls! They have started their four-day bike trip around the lakes region in high spirits and pop-vests decorated with cheetah-print duct tape.

Katahdin village took on Camp Hill today and triumphed! They are getting ready to head off on their own bike trip to Vermont tomorrow, which they’ll spend dreaming of ice-cream flavors and planning their Vermonster strategy.

A round of applause for Chocorua village who wowed us all with a swift, flawless departure this morning for their journey to the Saddlebacks. After a great shakedown yesterday, these ladies are feeling prepped and ready for an even better backpacking trip.

Voyageur Men and Voyageur Co-Ed set sail for Nova Scotia today and arrived safe and sound! They’ve already encountered some of that famed Nova Scotia charm and are itching to get on the road.

The Odyssey folks (A & B) have concluded their first days on trail after a nourishing breakfast at Shaw’s in Monson, Maine. All were in good spirits upon arriving to their campsites and are feeling ready for adventure.