Merrowvista Four Trails Update July 29, 2016

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Flag village is in the home stretch! They’re spending the night at Lake Ivanhoe, and rumor has it they might have gotten a visit from Terri and her beloved puppy Diego! Madison village is biking onward through the Lakes Region. Those lucky boys still have so much of Lake Winnepesauke to see – we’re jealous, and can’t wait to hear stories. Liberty village will be heading through the Mahoosuc Notch tomorrow, one of the more rugged and interesting stretches of the AT. Katahdin village is spending the night in an idyllic riverside campsite on the Magalloway. Tomorrow, they’ll head into Lake Umbagog, passing many great bird-watching spots along their way. A bald eagle or two might be in the cards!

Chocorua and Shaw villages are both in camp! The men of Shaw village stepped into their growth zones on a high challenge – “The Dangling Duo” – while Chocorua enjoyed some relaxing in-camp time. Tomorrow Shaw will hit the road on a bike shakedown and Chocorua will head for the hills to get into the hiking groove.

The Voyaguer Women are continuing up the Southern Shore, taking in its various delights and spectacular beaches. The Voyaguer Men are spending the night in Amherst and looking forward to Truro tomorrow. They’re considering attempting a century day (100 miles in a day) in the near future – we’ll keep you posted!

The Odyssey folks hiked from Cloud Pond Lean-to – aptly named, given its beautiful location on the water – to East Chairback Pond today. On the way, they summited several mountains and descended the striking Chairback Mountain with its dramatic and enjoyable rock scramble. Tomorrow will bring a much smoother elevation change and a few river crossings.