Merrowvista Four Trails Update August 6, 2016

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All of our 4 Trails villages are currently out on trail, savoring their last days of the session together. Flag Village spend their day Canoeing down the Magalloway and Lake Umbagog, passing some magnificent Bald Eagle watching spots along the way. They will spend tonight at Lake Umbagog State Park, with excitement for the rapids to come. Madison Village will be summiting some beautiful mountains tomorrow, including Goose Eye Mountain and a gorgeous stretch of alpine terrain. The ladies of Liberty Village are spending tonight at Lake Ivanhoe. They had a long day of biking and they feel accomplished this evening. Katahdin Village is close on their heels, just one day behind. Tonight they are on the southern shore of Lake Winnepesauke, with hopes of ice cream in their future for tomorrow.

It’s been rivers and roads for Chocorua Village. They are spending the night at Cranberry Stream Campsite, looking forward to taking on the Bigelow Range in the coming days. Shaw Village is in Bucksport tonight. They enjoyed their ride today, flat tires and all. They’ve also been having a blast “playing” (read; beating their leaders at) Spike Ball at their campsite tonight.

Voyageur Women spent last night in Grand Pre. Today they enjoyed a beautiful and flat ride through the picturesque Annapolis Valley. Voyageur Men continue their trek down the South Shore. We are sure that they have been enjoying spectacular views of Mahone Bay.

Odyssey has officially made it out of the Hundred Mile Wilderness! Tonight they are staying at Abol Bridge Campsite, where we are sure they enjoyed some well-deserved ice cream from the small campground store. Hear hear! Tomorrow they head on to Katahdin! We are so proud.