Merrowvista Four Trails update August 10, 2016

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It was a triumphant day in the Canaan Valley! At long last our far flung villages have finally all made their way back.

All Explorer and Adventurer villages, including Liberty, Flag, Madison, Katahdin, Shaw and Chocorua, returned from their last trips in the past two days. They spent their mornings making signs for the Voyageur and Odyssey folks and enjoying some last moments of easy time at camp.

Voyageur Men and Voyageur Women rode to Merrowvista from Portland, Maine, where their ferry arrived yesterday. This morning they biked 45 miles in record time, leaving us all astounded!

Odyssey made their trek up Mount Katahdin yesterday. The weather was perfect for some great summit views and photos.

The entire Merrowvista community gathered this afternoon to welcome both Odyssey and Voyageur back from their epic journeys. We’re now happy to be together again and have one last glorious day together in the Canaan Valley!