Merrowvista Four Trails Update 7/8/16

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Here’s some news from the land of Four Trails!

Jefferson, Madison and Shaw villages are all back at Merrowvista until the 10th, when they will depart for their final trips. Madison returned from their bike trip in high spirits. Shaw reported great paddling weather and calm days spent together on the water. Jefferson suggested the person who originally cut a trail through the Mahoosuc range may have been insane, but that it was still time well spent.

Chocorua is three days in to their bike trip to Booth Bay, Maine. They want it known that even if they’re not going to Vermont, they will still be in hot pursuit of ice cream on the road. While in camp, the women of Chocorua spent some quality time with the Blueberry village at the waterfront – and if you want to hear s’more ( J ) ask them about what they did!

Flag is on the way to the Ben and Jerry’s factory! They started biking yesterday and are very excited about the prospect of a Vermonster.

Katahdin left us on this rainy morning for a great adventure in the Saddlebacks. They enjoyed their time in camp, making group t-shirts and playing volleyball at the waterfront. Their bike trip was a great success, and they came back with stories of the abundant kindness they experienced on trail.

Voyageur Men and Co-Ed spent a night together in Chester, Nova Scotia. They’ve each begun their return trip around the opposite coast from which they started. Voy Co-Ed will be enjoying the beaches of the Southern coast and Mahone Bay, while the Voy Men take a tour of the Bay of Fundy. They’ve been munching on fresh bread at LaHave Bakery and staying in self-described “art galleries” – we encourage you to ask them more about their  favorite quirky campsites when they get back!

Odyssey A and B received their resupply and enjoyed their subsequent rest days at Cooper Brook and Antlers Campsite, respectively. Each of them gave us a call after summiting White Cap. They’re savoring their last week in the wilderness together. Only three more days until Katahdin!