Merrowvista Four Trails Update 7/12/16

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With session A coming to a close, our explorer villages are coming back to Merrowvista from their final trips. Today Jefferson village returned from their canoe trip on Lake Umbagog, all smiles and sun kissed. Shaw village will bike their way over camp hill tomorrow. We look forward to their return and to hear more about their new turtle friend, Annette Shaw! Madison village has been enjoying a peaceful last trip together in the Mahoosuc Mountains. We have only heard great news about summit lunch spots and making their campsites early.

Arriving to camp just in time to enjoy Enchanted Dinner at Merrowvista, it was clear to all that Chocorua village finished their trip in high spirits. We are so happy to have this giggly group back at camp.

Katahdin village finally got some dry days on trail! They crossed the Saddlebacks in record time and look forward to a well-deserved rest at camp tomorrow.

Flag village will also make their way back to the Canaan Valley tomorrow! On their return trip, they celebrated their leader’s birthday, sang songs and took selfies to pass the time.

Both Voyageur Men and Voyageur Co-Ed have officially crossed borders back into the United States! Over the past few days they have enjoyed spending time and sharing stories with each other. Our in-camp community is excitedly preparing signs for their long-awaited return tomorrow.

Odyssey A and Odyssey B were both able to summit Mt. Katahdin yesterday! Their hard work was rewarded with beautiful views and the shared experience with close friends. Tonight they spend their last evening together on trail, then return to Merrowvista from their long walk tomorrow.