Merrowvista gathers in community

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During each camp session at Merrowvista, the community unites around three different campfire events.

The first fire takes place at Opening Circle, where all campers introduce themselves, share their village name, such as the Blueberry Bears, and a fun thing that connects to their village theme for the session.

Midway through the session, the community attends a second Community Circle fire to celebrate the bonds they’ve made thus far and to look forward to their remaining time together.

Every fire circle contains energetic and mellow songs that make for a fantastic night with friends and village mates. The camp starts with more fast-paced and loud songs, and as the fire continues, the songs slow down before the fire closes and all villages return to their villages for bed.

The last fire is Candlelight Sing. This gathering is a memorable fire ceremony where campers receive their Founder medals, and Odyssey and Wayfinder participants receive their traditional vests and rugby polo shirts to commemorate all they’ve achieved during the summer.