Merrowvista In-Camp Update July 31, 2016

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Hello again from Merrowvista! The past few days have been bustling with activity here in the Canaan Valley as skills were learned and trips were enjoyed by all.

On Saturday, Pioneer campers enjoyed the second day of their second round of interest groups. As campers are feeling more and more comfortable in the Merrowvista community, they’re also beginning to branch out and try new activities like improv, dancing, singing, and lots of different waterfront activities. With the heat over the past few days, Dan Hole Pond has been a popular place for campers and staff to cool off. After Carter Dome and Little Haystack villages returned from their canoe trips on Newfound Lake, everyone gathered in the amphitheater for a Merrowvista classic game, Founderly Feud. This works like the popular Family Feud, where campers fill out surveys ahead of time and answer questions like “If there was a 5th fold, it would be…” and “If I could rename Dan Hole Pond, I would call it…” After Village Insight, everyone headed to bed for a good night’s rest.

There was no Go-Getters Sunday morning to allow everyone a chance to sleep in. After flag raising led by Mahoosuc village, everybody fueled up on continental breakfast of bagels, oatmeal, fruit, and breakfast bread before heading out to some special activities. The 2-week Pioneer villages spent the morning packing for their overnight trips, while 3-week Pioneers and Trailblazer villages Carter Dome and Little Haystack went down to Dan Hole Pond for Beach Party!! It was a little chillier today than the last few days in the Canaan Valley, but that did not stop campers from doing all kinds of fun jumps and dives into the water and enjoying a break from the heat. After lunchtime, we welcomed Lincoln and Lafayette villages back from their hiking trips, and they made their way down to the waterfront with Sentinel village for their own Beach Party. At the same time, Little Haystack, Carter Dome, and the 3-week Pioneers enjoyed Interest Group Adventures, where they tried tie-dying, dodge ball, archery, and improv for the day. Meanwhile, the 2-week Pioneers headed off on their overnight trips, venturing to Blueberry Mountain, the Ledge, the Waterfall, and canoeing to Outpost for the night – all locations on the Merrowvista property. We can’t wait to hear all of their stories from what is for some of these campers their first excursion into the world of camping.

Night’s Doings tonight involved a lot of teamwork as campers took on different challenges around camp in The Unexpected Journey. Groups played games where they made themselves into pyramids, kept a beach ball in the air for as long as possible, and shared things like who their heroes are. The night was capped with Evening Reflection, an activity where the whole community gathers to listen to a group present a topic of importance to them. After hearing about the group’s beliefs and values, we sit and reflect together before heading off to bed.

Tomorrow we’re looking forward to World Day and the beginning of new Interest Groups – now with the option to audition for MV Production, which will premier live during the last week of Session B. We can’t believe how quickly this session is flying by, and we’re excited to share more with you soon!