Merrowvista In-Camp Update August 4, 2016

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How do you do from here near Dan Hole Pond! Merrowvista continues to provide fun-filled days for campers and staff alike!

Wednesday morning saw campers engaging in their second full morning of interest groups. Campers learned together in the woodshop, at the climbing tower, and out and about camp. Some campers have even been pooling their imaginations to create fantastical scenarios in the Dungeons and Dragons interest group!

Campers continued with Interest groups in the afternoon and then got the opportunity to reconnect with their villages during village time; engaging in team challenges, outdoor cooking, and setting their sights high (figuratively) in archery.

Wednesday night the community came together to celebrate campers’ talents at the MV talent show. There was comedy, there was singing, and there was lots of enthusiasm from the audience to support their fellow Merrowvistians in taking a brave step and putting themselves in the spotlight.

Today was yet another full morning of interest groups, and the third day allows campers to really put their skills to the test or finish arts and crafts projects.

This afternoon after easy time the whole community came together for County Fair, where campers go to different stations such as bowling for cans, water balloon toss, face painting, or riddles (and many more) to earn tickets. Once they have enough, they can put a Merrowvista staff member of their choosing into music jail, where staff members must sing their way out! The campers even managed the impressive feat of collecting and pooling over 1000 tickets to put our camp director, Kris Light, into musical jail. His rendition of T-Swift’s “You Belong With Me” was breathtaking (it’s hard to breath when you’re laughing that hard).

This evening saw the camp taking more of a solemn and reflective tone, as two-week campers sat and sang together for Candlelight Sing, knowing this was their final night to spend together in the beautiful Canaan Valley. We will be sad to see them go, and we know they are going to bring the Merrowvista magic back home with them and touch many other lives on their way.

Two Weekers still have much to look forward to; as tomorrow brings with Two Week Wish Day, when campers get to choose the activity they’ve yet to do at camp that they’d really like to try out. Next week, when 3-week campers return from their overnight trips, the community will come together for their final, week-long challenge: the Four Fold Tournament! We can’t wait to see what excitement the final week of Merrowvista Summer Camp 2016 has in store!!