Merrowvista 2022 staff training in full swing

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The entire Merrowvista 2022 staff is working diligently with only three days until campers arrive for Session A.

Last week, the staff spent the week honing their skills in various programs areas that required additional training, such as archery, pottery, woodworking, paddle boarding, and sailing. The last time campers could enjoy pottery and woodworking was in 2019, the year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

All staff members, from specialists to cabin leaders, are actively immersed in learning about Merrowvista traditions and the daily camp schedule for the summer.

To get into a good routine before the participant’s arrival, staff practice many of the highlights of the summer program, such as running interest groups, Evening Reflection, and Night’s Doings.

In the last remaining days of staff training, the team focuses more on policies and procedures to keep the entire community safe. In addition, they spend significant time learning more about the mission and values of the American Youth Foundation and how those help make Merrowvista a more inclusive space for all.

This year, the AYF has invited Dusty Clitheroe from Strength Perspective, a consulting organization focused on creating conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion for businesses and nonprofits, including many summer camps.

With all this preparation, the Merrowvista team is eager to welcome its first campers this Sunday, July 3.