Low Council

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Low Council, Miniwanca, Girls Camp

Gooood day Miniwanca! We were back to our typical schedule this morning as we rose bright and early to the sound of the bell. Cabin 13 led Morning Stretch with a theme of possibility to set the mood for the rest of the day. Soon after, campers gathered in the Eating Lodge for breakfast of waffles and sausage. This delectable breakfast was soon interrupted by the pounding of tables followed by, “WE WILL MISS YOU ODYSSEY”. The camp community gathered around our Odyssians and sung the notable “Happy Trails” to wish them good bye. After numerous hugs, tears, and words of wisdom, our Odyssey Four Trails groups hit the road. They will be biking from Miniwanca all the way to our sister camp, Merrowvista. The trip itself is about 1300 miles and 28 days long. Please send good thoughts and inspiring letters to cheer them on throughout their way.

Continuing on, our in-camp friends progressed as they usually do through first and second Interest Groups. These were soon followed by legendary meatball subs for lunch to fuel up for the fun day ahead. Our one weekers packed their bags and cleaned their cabins in preparation for their departure tomorrow. We are sad to see them go but are excited to see how they ignite the Miniwanca spirit in their own ways at home.

After bags were packed, all of the happy campers went to quad meetings to prepare for their Low Council skits. Low Council occurred with many PUNny and intellectual skits by each group, including themes like Detective Shows, Reality TV shows, and more. The Draws came up on top with a first place win!!

After a few rounds of singing “Jane Glover”, campers headed to an Evening Reflection on the beach about goals led by cabin 16. Now, they are all resting peacefully in their bunks at the close of another beautiful Miniwanca day.