Live from the Roads, Trails and Waterways!

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Hello from Canaan Valley!  After a few days of relative quietness with all Four Trails villages in the field, the hustle and bustle has picked up again as trips come and go.  Canoes are traded for bikes.  Bikes are traded for boots.  More dried food is packed out into bags.  And tales of adventure are shared around the eating lodge.  Overall, everyone is feeling so grateful for pleasant temperatures again after quite a stretch of scorching heat!  Here is what each village is up to:

Little Haystack returned from their hiking trip on the 7th.  They had sunny weather for most of the hike, with beautiful vistas on the many summits of the Mahoosuc Range.  The second to last morning they were met with a couple heavy rain shower, once when they were in their tents, and once just after they had packed them up!  Everything dried out again, and they returned from the trip in high spirits.  After a couple days of equipment prep and bicycle practice, they are headed out on their biking trip on the 11th.

Flag had a wonderful time on their canoe trip, enjoying the hot weather while on the water.  A couple of the days were very long, but they persevered and made it to camp each night.  They returned from the trip on the 6th, and have spent the last couple days recovering and rebooting for their hiking trip starting on the 10th.   Some of the in camp activities have involved games, journaling, hiking to the Ledge, and team challenges.

Shaw returned from their hiking trip on the 6th.  Hiking in the Mahoosuc Range, their second day ended up being an 8 mile day over tough terrain after a minor navigation error.  When given the choice to end the day early at a different campsite or continue onward, they chose to keep hiking and make up the lost time!  They spent 2 days back at camp, and then headed out canoeing today.  The group seems excited to cover some good paddling miles!

Madison started with a bike around the Ossipee Mountains.  The first day in the 90+ degree heat was very tough, and they utilized some van support to get them through the hottest part of the day.  Once the weather cooled the next day, they were off again!  Their route included a couple of swimming spots, and finished with biking up Camp Hill!  They practices in canoes today in Dan Hole Pond, learning some paddle strokes and flipping their boats to practice rescue techniques.  A good day had on (and in) the water!  They leave on the 10th for their canoe trip.

Chocorua has been biking along the Maine coast.  They have really been enjoying all the biking roads with views of the ocean. The 7th was a “rest” day at the farthest point of their route, and they decided to spend it biking about 25 miles to visit Boothbay Harbor!  Since then they have been doing some push days on their bikes to make it all the way back to Merrowvista.  Tonight they spent the night on the shores of Sebago Lake, and if all goes according to plan they will be biking over Camp Hill tomorrow afternoon!  They are the first group to ride this new bike route this year, and they have a lot to be proud about.

Nesuntabunt just returned from their hiking trip in the Saddleback Range in Maine.  Hot weather to start meant for some later evenings of hiking to take advantage of cooler weather.  Other days the group was so efficient they got to camp early and ate popcorn!  Much of this hike was spent above treeline, with spectacular 360 degree views.  Rain came for part of one day as they hiked, and that provided a refreshing break from the sun.  They returned to camp this evening eager for a late dinner and full of smiles!

Voyageur groups are continuing their trek around Nova Scotia.  All groups are currently around the Lunenburg area.  Voyageur A is putting in miles, starting around the northern coast and making it already around to the southern coast.  Voyageur B is cruising along nicely up the southern coast.  Voyageur C was delayed yesterday with persistent flat tires late in the day, leaving them unable to ride to camp. Luckily, they were saved by a limo taxi and a large truck for their bikes that took them to their camp in style!

Odyssey groups just received their resupply, Odyssey A on July 8th and Odyssey B on July 9th.  A day after hiking White Cap Mountain, the second highest point on their journey (besides Katahdin), they were met on the trail by a driver with mail, a few gifts,a couple pairs of clean socks, and a lunch and dinner of fresh food!  Both groups are in high spirits, feeling accomplished, and eager to continue along their trek.