Jumping in to the Routine

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Polar Bear 2016

Adventure Daringly

The Polar Bear call was sounded in the bays at 7:50 am, calling brave campers to the beach for our traditional morning dip in the crisp waters of Lake Michigan. Nearly three quarters of the campers turned out to rush into the waters in hopes of earning the Polar Bear award!

The sun was shining as Explorer II campers led us in a Morning Stretch and Reflection on the theme of “Adventure Daringly,” challenging us all to take on great new adventures with confidence.  After a quiet moment of reflection, the Miniwanca girls ate breakfast before heading off to CORE Community Time.


Tuesday gave each camper the chance to jump into the routine with a full day of activities.  Interest Groups in the morning meant fun and adventure in Finding Dory, Glitter and Goo, Paddle Sports , Hike & Dip, Pottery, Zumba, Active Adventures, and the list goes on.

Deck Tennis, Newcomb, Basketball and Dodge Ball dominated the afternoon’s first session of Tribal Games.  Tribal cheers and the sounds of friendly competition echoed through camp.  By the end of the sunny, hot afternoon, Free Swim in Lake Michigan was welcome and well-attended.

Tribal competition continued after dinner with the popular Nights Doing – Amazing Race.  Campers donned their tribal shirts and completed challenges all around camp. The Dunes emerged victorious, but it’s only the first night…

The day closed on the beach with Evening Reflections led by the Juniors of Cabin 23.  Each shared what “Adventure Daringly” meant to them.  For many who are at camp for the first time, their choice to come to Miniwanca was a daring adventure.  The sun set, the full moon rose, and everyone headed to bed.