July 25th Four Trails Update

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Things have really picked up here in the valley as all of the Four Trails campers (except our Odyssey campers) arrived this past Sunday. Villages have been hard at work preparing for their various trips, and we’re excited to share some updates with you:

Shaw village hiked to the Ledge today, testing out the weight of their packs before they head out on trail tomorrow to hike part of the Mahoosuc mountain range in Maine. They’ll spend their first night at the Gentian Pond Shelter on the Appalachian Trail—maybe they’ll see a moose! Flag village departs tomorrow for Aziscohos Lake where they will begin their six-day adventure canoeing through lakes and down rivers. Today, they spent some time on Dan Hole Pond learning the basics of canoeing, including paddle strokes and how to maneuver a boat on the water.

Nesuntabunt went on a bike shakedown to Pier 19, where they enjoyed a nice lunch outside in the sunshine. They returned to camp in high spirits, ready to begin their Bar Harbor adventure tomorrow morning after breakfast. Beginning their bike trip to Bar Harbor today was Chocorua village. They biked approximately 35 miles to Standish, ME where they’ll spend their first night on trail. Tomorrow, they’ll make their way toward Phippsburg, ME, a distance of 44 miles! On a different trail, Katahdin adventured daringly toward Rangeley, ME today where they began their 10-day hike through the Saddleback Mountain Range. They’ll stay tonight at Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to where they might be able to see the stars from their campsite.

Voyageur Men and Voyageur Co-ed made their way to the Nova Scotia ferry in Portland, ME today. They’ll arrive in Nova Scotia this evening where they’ll be shuttled to their campground and then tomorrow morning, they’ll begin their cycling adventure. Though both Voyageur groups will begin in Yarmouth, Voyageur Men will head southbound toward Pubnico while Voyageur Co-ed will head northbound toward Digby.