July 19th – the Final Four Trails Update for Session A

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The days are winding down here at camp and tonight, for the first time in 3 weeks, all 10 Four Trails villages will be rejoining the in-camp community at the same time! The energy in camp is full of excitement for the return of these village that have been out adventuring daringly these past few weeks. We’re excited for their return and wanted to give you an update on where they’ve been and the things they’ve done, though we’re sure you’re excited to hear all about it from them tomorrow at Grand Council!

Chocorua village has spent the last three days canoeing down the Magalloway and Androscoggin Rivers. They stayed last night on Lake Umbagog and today they ran the rapids—a real highlight of the Explorer canoeing experience. Madison village adventured extra daringly while hiking a portion of the Mahoosuc mountain range, taking on the summits of Goose Eye Mountain and Carlo Col Mountain in the same afternoon. Shaw village has also spent the past four days on their hiking trip through the Mahoosucs and were excited to work together to wake up early this morning and meet their driver at their pickup point—they’re currently on track to make it back to camp for the Odyssey and Voyageur walk-in.

Jefferson village returned to us yesterday from their cycling trip through the lakes region of New Hampshire. After meeting up with Flag village at the Hannaford on Route 16 for lunch, both groups took on camp hill and rolled into camp in time for dinner and for some evening relaxation. At breakfast this morning, Flag village was bubbling about their trip to Booth Bay and how proud they were of their accomplishment. We’re proud of them as well.

Nesuntabunt village is cycling their way back from the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Vermont and will be cresting camp hill today and returning to the Canaan Valley. They’ve persevered and through some tough weather and long days on the bike, and we can’t wait to congratulate them on their accomplishments. Katahdin village returned yesterday from their adventures in the Saddleback Mountain range in Maine. As they summited Saddleback Mountain, they saw in the distance a rain cloud heading their direction—they joined together in an anti-rain dance and reported to us upon their return that the dance worked and they avoided the storm. Trail magic!

Voyageur Men and Voyageur Women are back in the USA as of yesterday and today they will be cycling 50 miles into camp where the entire camp community will be waiting with open arms, signs, and shouts of affirmation to welcome them back from their travels. Walking in before the Voyageurs will be our Odyssey campers who have spent the past several days at the base of Katahdin. They are currently in the van being driven back to camp from Baxter State Park and everyone is excited to hear about their long walk in the woods.