jetty sock and other festivities

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Good day to you all, it’s that time again, time for another update! We’ve been here a while now but things are far from dull, they never really are here at Merrowvista. When we left off we were having our Water Carnival which was a huge hit with the whole community! They had a blast playing all kinds of water related games on the hot sunny day, we were blessed with a perfectly timed golden day for it!  After a long day of playing in the water we finished off  with a game of Jetty Sock. Jetty Sock is a game where campers travel from station to station doing various tasks (some of which include a lay up competition and a human spelling activity). But in-between these stations the campers had to run as fast as they could or else they would be caught by the sock swinging Jetty Sockers! These staff members had socks filled with flour and when a camper got tagged by one of the socks, they had to preform whatever task the Jetty Socker requested. It was quite a laugh to watch the campers work together to please the Jetty Sockers by trying to sing the alphabet backwards or start up a silly chant. Over all it was a very wild and full day.

We all slept soundly after such a long day full of excitement. This sleep was totally necessary too considering the next day we woke up and spent the morning playing one of the most epic games Merrowvista has to offer, nothing else but CAMP CONQUEST! Camp Conquest is basically a massive game of capture the flag but with many twists added in like many different terrains and strategic planning against multiple opponents. It’s a game that we take very seriously and therefore everyone gets really into it. We played two games and ultimately the purple team won. After our intense morning game of Camp Conquest, we took things down a notch and continued on with our regular interest groups. We didn’t tone down too much however because we had another themed dinner-Enchanted Dinner! the eating lodge was  a wave of color and glitter as I ate alongside princesses and unicorns and all kinds of fantastical creatures!

Finally to end the day we got to see the much anticipated performance of this year’s MV Production- Star Wars Episode MV!  The show was an interest group that spent long hours getting ready to give us this treat of a performance and all their hard work totally paid off! it was a nice entertaining night for all filled with laughs and fun.

There are only a couple days left for our three week campers but we are guaranteed to make the most of each one before they have to pack up and head home! Today, we’re looking forward to having the entire community together again as we welcome back Four Trails campers including Voyageur and Odyssey! We can’t wait to see them and all of you tomorrow at Grand Council!