Howdy, Campers! The First 3 Days of Summer 2021

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Summer 2021 has officially begun at Merrowvista! The Media Specialist will share periodic dispatches from camp here on the blog. Check back as we share more stories from Canaan Valley! 

Opening Day!

  • It was a beautiful golden day here at Merrowvista this past Sunday, July 11, when we welcomed our 2021 campers!
  • Campers were quickly accustomed to their cabins and leaders. First, they walked the grounds and then they met down at the activity center for their village photos.
  • The day ended with the Opening Carnival, and our Wayfinders circling a fire by the waterfront!

Day 2

  • The first Flag Raise of the summer was lead by Moosilaukee!
  • Mahoosuc and Little Bigelow took in some rock, paper, scissors outside the activity center.
  • Wayfinder D/E took on some volleyball, tetherball, and a very spirited game at the Gaga Pit. Wayfinder A circled up outside the Eating Lodge for some bonding. Both groups went on to meet with Wayfinder B & Wayfinder C groups for Community Celebration.
  • At the end of the day, all of the villages came together outside the activity center for a lively Opening Circle!

Day 3

  • Some go-getters run, some go swimming, but Moolisaukee makes time for yoga!
  • Wayfinder A led Flag Raise on this silver day.
  • Blueberry took some free throws on the basketball courts, while Whitecap scored some big goals on the soccer field before rushing over for some time at the waterfront.
  • Wayfinder D/E headed out after breakfast for their shakedown to The Ledge!
  • Little Bigelow decided to take in the chill day by the Water Front as Mahoosuc put on an impressive display of frisbee skills at the Activity Center.
  • The day ended with some much-needed cabin time for all our villages.

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