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Tuesday was a remarkable day at Miniwanca. The morning started with the Doc Wheels Fun Run when both camps gathered together to run, slog (slow jog), or walk the roughly 5 kilometer path trail through camp, over the giant sand dune known as Baldy, and then down the beach. The fun run ended in West Camp with doughnuts and an all-camp Polar Bear. Not long after the fun run, Miniwanca prepared to welcome the Voyagers back to camp.

The return of the Voyagers, now called Nostosis the last of the summer 2022 trip groups to rejoin Miniwanca. Nostos is a term from Homer’s Odyssey, and it is the word used to reference a long journey at sea and the return home from that journey.

Everyone, gathered on the green acre to watch the Voyagers come back to Miniwanca. As the Voyagers paddled in, those on the beach began clapping and chanting, “We are proud of you!” The Voyagers beached their kayaks and ran back into the water in front of the cheering crowd to sing Founder Hearts together.

When the time came for the reunion between those on the beach and the Voyagers, it was a magical moment. Absence truly had made the founder hearts grow fonder as the hugs and smiles reflected the joy of homecoming.