Happy Trails!

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After an amazing breakfast of breakfast bread (lemon poppy seed, blueberry, cinnamon, and chocolate chip) we wished some of our 4 trails trips goodbye.  Our Odyssey campers are biking 1,400 miles across the country to our sister camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire. The girls embarking on this journey are our oldest in the community as rising seniors in high school. We also said happy trails to our two Adventurer girls trips. They will bike 500 miles while making a loop through scenic coastal Michigan! We are so excited to have such amazing campers out on trail, and we cannot wait to celebrate their return.

In camp our IGs were chugging right along. Pop Divas IG was making a music video to a High School Musical song today, while Dune Exploration hiked Mt. Baldy! We had a yummy lunch of quesadillas and veggie chili that led us to an even more amazing rest hour.  Following rest hour the LITs put on a hilarious Assembly for us. There was even a lip sync battle with some of our very own leaders!!

IGs picked right back up after Assembly. Mystical Michigan IG had campers writing letters back and forth with some magical dune elves that live at Miniwanca! While in Up-cycling Challenge we had an amazing fashion show showing off what the girls made with a little bit of help from our craft house sewing machines. Project Runway here they come! Free swim at free time was a huge hit because of the higher temperatures today.

Dinner was herb chicken, potatoes Au gratin, and carrots! Dessert was the best one yet, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches! We definitely all screamed for ice cream. The night only got better when we found out that night’s doing was Gold Rush and Wild West Showdown. Gold Rush is when the campers all try to find ‘gold’ that has been hidden all around camp and bring it to the bank without being tagged by a wretched bandit. The tribe with the most gold when time is up wins points that go toward winning the Tribal Paddle.

After a crazy and exciting night we all settled down for a lovely evening reflection led by one of our Trailblazer groups. They brought our day full circle by touching upon our theme of the day, which was leadership. Today was jam packed with fun activities, and we know there is just more to come! Keep checking in for more updates everyday.