Happy Trails Ody!

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Happy Trails Odys 2018
Thursday began just like any other with our beloved polar bear call sending our campers jumping out of their bunks to Stony Lake. We had a fantastic assorted breakfast breads (cinnamon, poppy seed, blueberry, and chocolate chip.) I bet you can guess which one was the biggest hit!

The Boys’ Camp community had to say goodbye to our Four Trails friends this morning.  The boys’ Odyssey and boys’ Explorer trips left on their respective biking and hiking journeys.  Odyssey will be cycling 1,400 miles to our AYF sister camp, Merrowvista in New Hampshire over the next 6 weeks.  Explorer will be hiking in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as cycling in coastal Michigan over the next two weeks.  They were an active part of our community throughout the last five days, acting as role models for our younger campers.  The Four Trails participants and trip leaders will be missed, but will return to Miniwanca with determination, endurance, knowledge, and perseverance.

Today has been especially warm so we have been reminding our campers to put on lots of sunscreen and drink even more water. It has been an exceptional day for our waterfront IGs because of the heat. Everyone has been coolin’ on down in Stony Lake.

Lunch was amazing as always. We had some quesadillas, veggie chili, and of course the trusty salad bar. Rest hour was a hit because the sun had somewhat zapped our energy. After a much needed rest, we went to our Council Circle for Assembly. Assembly is where we sing song, and put on skits for the campers!

Dinner was great, we had some herb chicken, potatoes Au gratin, and carrots! And we cannot forget about dessert!! Dessert tonight was amazing and delicious chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Dinner led right into some of our campers’s favorite time of the day, night’s doings.  Today was a big day for night’s doings, where the four tribes compete in a friendly, competitive activity.  One of those activities was WancaKart, comparable to the classic Nintendo 64 video game, Mario Kart, with cardboard, rope, and duct tape.  WancaKart gives each tribe an opportunity to build a cardboard cart and race them around a track, Flintstones style.  This race will include power-ups and obstacles such as Blue Shells, Gold Stars, Banana Peels, etc., just like in Mario Kart.  The campers will have fun and be safe while building their carts and racing around the track.

After a settling Evening Reflection we all scurried to our bunks for a great night sleep. See you all tomorrow!