Happy Trails

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“Happy trails to you, until we meet again…”

Earlier this week, singing and cheers the Eating Lodge at breakfast as campers wished the Adventurers and Explorers farewell. Each group got their moment to shine as Miniwanca surrounded them with love. The Miniwanca community traditionally sings “Happy Trails” to the Four Trails campers before they depart for their adventure trips – adding a hummed rendition of the Indiana Jones theme at the end.

This tradition is the final send off before daring campers will begin their outcamping journeys. For the Explorers and Adventurers, the journey is about a week long. These campers will grow in many different ways as they experience life outside with daily hikes, canoe trips, and tent camping.

Before leaving for the actual trip, Four Trails groups spent some time at Miniwanca preparing. They practice packing all their gear, putting up their tents, and reviewing waterfront and paddling skills to feel equipped for the trail. Finally, the Explorers and Adventurers head out on a “shakedown,” an overnight camping experience to put it all together before they leave.

In the final week of Session B, campers who have adventured daringly on their trips will return. The Explorers will return on July 22, Adventurers will return July 24, and the Voyagers will return by July 26. The last week of camp will be full of emotions and memories as everyone gathers together one final time this summer.