Happy Days at Miniwanca

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Happy days to all those who  love them who love those who love them who love those who love this blog! What a beautiful and sunny day we had here at Miniwanca!

Though today was a typical day, we had some fun and not so typical things happen throughout the day. We started out with Morning Stretch led by Cabin 30 on the topic of hope and then had a delicious breakfast of waffles! After a bit of camper free time, everyone met for CORE at which they connected, oriented, reflected, and empowered. CORE was followed by Interest Groups one and two, which included more activities like bracelet making and soccer. These are the final Interest Groups of this rotation. Tomorrow campers will be able to choose new activities that start on Saturday.

At lunch we munched on subs and pretzels and soon after campers headed to extended Rest Hour to prepare for the fun day ahead. Reenergized, the community then attended their final Interest Groups of this rotation before heading to a final Quad Meeting to prepare for Low Council after dinner.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with rice and broccoli. At Low Council later that night, the campers preformed skits, songs, commercials, and mysteries.  The campers performances covered themes such as friendship, kindness, and how to work together to solve problems. The night came to a close with another beautiful Lake Michigan sunset as cabin 28 presented on self love. Until tomorrow friends!