Gold Rush and Shakedowns

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Goldrush 2016

Positive Way to Start the Day

After a quick Polar Bear dip in Lake Michigan to start the day, campers gathered in the Hollow for Morning Stretch led by the Pipers of Cabins 11 and 13. Today’s theme is Positivity – how could anyone feel anything other than Positive with Camp off to a great start and fun challenges ahead? After the flag was raised, we trickled into breakfast to the sweet sounds of Peggy playing the piano.

After breakfast and a  dance party in the Eating Lodge,  we split out into age groups for some quality CORE time – a place for us to Connect, Orient, Reflect and Empower. We are several days into camp and we are really starting to explore friendships new and old, across our age groups and in our Interest Groups.

In the Four Trails world today, we had Shakedowns of all sorts headed in and out of Graceland. The Explorer 1 and Adventurer girls tested out their aptitude for cycling and eating ice cream today, while Explorer 2 learned some new paddling skills. Our Adventurer girls rode out to the Country Dairy – the girls were able to take a seat in the shade and eat their lunch upon arrival, supplemented by some ice cream from the dairy! The Explorer 1 girls cycled out to Whippy Dip, where they too were able to shelter from the sun with ice cream in hand. Explorer 2 paddled down Stony Creek to Graceland, learning different paddle strokes and how to perform T-rescues along the way.

We wrapped up the day with a favorite Night’s Doings – Gold Rush! Leaders dressed up as bandits and hid gold nuggets around downtown Miniwanca.  Campers frantically searched for the gold to cash in at “the bank” for tribal points. Better tag a bandit and send them to jail before they steal your gold! Be sure to check out the photos!  The Trails conquered this Gold Rush, as the tribal competition continued.

The Pipers of Cabin 16 delivered “Positivity” Evening Reflection on the beach.  And with the sunset, another wonderful day came to a close.