Glitter and Slime at Miniwanca

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Welcome to a beautiful golden day at Miniwanca Girls Camp! Campers started their morning bright and early by heading down to the Hollow for Morning Stretch. Our LITs led the activity this morning. We got to learn the Flashmob for this summer a little better and spent some time reflecting on what inspires us.

After a delicious breakfast of local strawberries and blueberry breakfast bread, campers headed out to Stony Lake for a Water Carnival (with light swim assessment), down to the beach to take cabin photos, and off to the Dad Waite Deck to talk about having a fun and safe summer with Liz Marshall!

The afternoon started off with Assembly, led by our LITs, where campers got to learn some fun facts about leaders, found out how many states our current community pulls from (26), and received their Tribal t-shirts. Campers quickly headed off to Interest Groups after that and spent the majority of their afternoon in fun activities like Glitter and Slime (pictured above), Climbing, Lake Michigan Beach Time, Paddleboarding, Nature Exploration, and so much more.

This evening, campers participated in the Amazing Race, a fun Night’s Doings that orients them to camp and gives them opportunities to learn more about Miniwanca while running around with their tribe. Campers visited locations such as the Church of the Dunes, Upper Tipi, and Minisino Class Cabin, and would complete a challenge for a leader there. At the end of the night, after much excitement and many challenges the Trail tribe pulled out the win!

Our night ended with a glorious sunset over Lake Michigan as we listened to our Explorer 1 group talk about inspiration. It has been a great first day here at Miniwanca and we are looking forward to all the rest of the days to come in the session!