Girls Camp comes alive on Opening Day

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The air was buzzing with excitement for Opening Day as staff welcomed campers back to Miniwanca. Beginning at noon and lasting just past 5 p.m., campers arrived on site with their families to check-in, drop off luggage, and have their photo taken before crossing the bridge into Miniwanca. The sounds of laughter and enthusiastic campers rang through as everyone settled in.

Campers met their cabin leaders, found their cabins, and claimed bunks as they moved into their homes for the summer. As soon as check-in finished it was time for dinner to fuel campers for the evening. Everyone enjoyed a dinner of pasta, garlic bread, and cookies.

Evening activities commenced with campers signing up for Interest Groups, activities like sailing, climbing, crafts, and other activities the campers will explore throughout the week. After Interest Group signups came cabin chats led by the cabin leader, where cabinmates got to know each other. The night ended on a quiet note after cabin chats, but the real adventure will begin with the first full day of camp.