Getting into a Groove

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Miniwanca Boys Camp is starting to find its groove for the session as each camper gets comfortable within their individual program.

This morning, the Avail campers from Girls Camp and Boys Camp gathered for team-building exercises. Activities like these begin relationship building with the campers they will work alongside throughout the summer. 

Another group of campers who are finding their groove together, are the Four Trails campers. In less than a week, Miniwanca will send these campers on their multiday adventure trips.

In order to prepare for the upcoming trips, Adventurers hiked to the Well Site in East Camp for a night of tent camping and practicing outdoor camping skills before their exploration commences. Meanwhile, the Explorers practiced canoe skills and canoe rescues on Stony Lake. 

The Darers and Seekers at Miniwanca have been hard at work trying to earn as many Quad Cup points as possible: ensuring their cabin is the cleanest in camp, searching for the lucrative golden paddle, and winning Quad Cup competitions during Night’s Doings.

On top of competing for the Quad Cup, campers have been challenging themselves during the second day of their interest group rotation. 

Each program Miniwanca offers is a unique opportunity for campers to challenge themselves, and as the days go by at Miniwanca this summer, the community will continue to grow in different ways. 

On Satruday, all Boys Camp will hike to the Well Site for one final  days of fun together before the Four Trails campers are depart for their adventure trips. Campers look forward to a fun day of swimming, yard games, card games, and fellowship.