Four Trails Update – Onward

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Four Trails Update Onward 2019

Onward through week 2 of Session B and week 5 of the summer. It’s incredible to look back over the past few weeks and think about all of the incredible experiences campers have been having: canoeing, hiking, kayaking, and cycling in such beautiful places. Here are the updates as Session B hits its stride:

Trailblazers are in the midst of their adventures. Our Trailblazer Girls 1 group departed for their canoe trip today and the Trailblazer Girls 2 group will be departing tomorrow for theirs. Both groups will be canoeing through Hodenpyle Dam Pond before portaging over the dam and into the Manistee River. They left here in high spirits this morning singing Ariana Grande. Trailblazer boys departed for their hiking trip in the Manistee National Forest along the North Country Trail. Tonight they’ll camp along the White River and tomorrow they’ll be camping near a beautiful small creek.

Explorers returned yesterday from their stunning hike at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. In total, they hiked for six days along the shore of Lake Superior, all with sunny weather—perfect for swimming. They explored Mosquito Falls and the Beaver Basin Overlook and took some pictures of their travels. Check out Smug Mug to see their travels. Explorers also spent some time in camp today doing some much needed repainting of our Boys Camp garden fence.

Adventurers continue south toward Miniwanca as I write this. They’ve passed Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula and are cycling toward Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore  in the next couple of days. They’ll get a well-earned rest day there and then will continue back toward camp afterwards.

The Voyageurs are fresh off of their resupply and are enjoying their time back on the bay. Tomorrow they’ll pass the McCoy Islands and continue kayaking for the next 4 days before we pick them in Parry Sound. As their time on the bay has turned toward their final days of kayaking, the Voyageurs are starting to look forward to their return to camp and to seeing the entire camp community.

Odyssey  is similarly nearing the end of their long journey. In just three days (on Thursday) they will ride into Merrowvista to the cheers and celebration of their AYF family after nearly 28 days of cycling. They will spend some well earned days resting but will also participate in the many activities that Merrowvista has to offer: swim time at Dan Hole Pond, a hike to Flagg Mountain, Night’s Doings with the Merrowvista 4T campers, and leading an Evening Reflection for the entire Merrowvista community. They can’t wait to make it, but in the meantime, they’re enjoying a stop at Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont for a Vermonster.