Four Trails Trips and a Typical Day at Miniwanca

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After all the fun and energy of yesterday’s Fourth of July celebrations, it was nice to slip back into the schedule of a quiet typical day here in Girls Camp.

Directly after a delicious breakfast of cheesy omelets and bisquits, cabins 40 & 41 headed out for their second of two Trailblazer trips, the two day canoe! This group of Trailblazers returned yesterday from their hike and jumped straight into our Fourth celebrations. I heard they played plenty of card games and mafia and are excited to see all that canoeing holds for them. Our second group of Trailblazers, cabins 42 & 43, returned from the hike today at lunch and will turn around to head out on that same canoe trip tomorrow morning.

Our Explorer campers also headed out for their second trip this morning. These rising 9th graders are driving up to the Upper Peninsula today to start a six day hike at Pictured Rocks! We’re very excited to see all the beautiful photos they bring back with them.

Both of our Adventurer groups have reached Traverse City and are enjoying the Fourth of July festivities there. Our Odyssey campers made it to Merrowvista yesterday and will have a few quiet days there hiking the ledge, swimming in Dan Hole Pond, and chasing Gary the Porcupine before it’s time to head out on the road again. Our Voyageur campers are busy practicing their paddling skills and wet exits. Two groups headed out to the Well Site for a shakedown tonight and we were lucky enough to catch a few photos of them as they paddled by.

The weather is beautifully clear and warm here, making campers extra excited to head down to the beach for Free Time and Lake Michigan Swim interest group. The water has been surprisingly warm for early July, and we’re all gleefully taking advantage of it.

Another big excitement for today will be Leader Hunt tonight after dinner! Campers will try to locate and chase down leaders who have hidden around the property. Campers will be eagerly seeking the notoriously elusive Liz Marshall tonight, who is worth 20 times more points than a cabin leader! Finding Liz can really set a tribe ahead in this Night’s Doings. We’ll let you know the outcome at the end of the night.


Update – Liz was not found tonight and the Trail tribe pulled out yet another win! Though the Dunes and Ridges have been competing fiercely in the last few days, the Trails clearly planning to make this a fight.

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