The Four Fold Festival

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2016 MW Group

With no polar bear or morning stretch this morning, Girls’ Camp squeezed in some extra Z’s before gathering for a breakfast of muffins, bagels, oatmeal, and more. After our meal, we said good-bye to our one-week friends as they headed home.

In the hollow all the three-week campers circled up to play group games until it was time to start with the Make a Difference Service Time. Juniors came together to rake and clean up the Lake Michigan beach, and Seniors worked on a previous project of creating a garden bed behind the Upper Tipi. Everyone was hard a work and ready to eat eggplant Parmesan sandwiches and pasta salad when the lunch bell rang. Rest Hour was much needed in order to prepare for the Four Fold Festival on Bryant Field.

Girls Camp hiked to East Camp to stretch all our four folds this afternoon. For the Social Fold, various games were played including heads up! For the Physical Fold, campers learned how to play Captain Ball and really caught on. For the Mental Fold, campers stood in a circle, grabbed two hands with their own, and worked together in order to untangle themselves, a game known as Human Knot. Riddles were puzzled as well. For the Religious or Spiritual Fold, a mat with a labyrinth guided campers to the center of the room in silence.

After all the fold were stretched, everyone headed to the Waterfront to swim, paddle, play volleyball, or relax. Snacks were passed around to keep energy high and lots of water was splashed!

At the end of the free time in the water, everyone made their way back to West Camp for a delicious dinner of enchilada pie, chips and salsa, and a salad bar. Refueled and ready, campers met on the sparkling clean beach (thanks Juniors!) for Beach Sing Down and S’mores. The evening wound down with soft, gentle songs as the sun lowered beneath the horizon.

It was not a typical day here at Miniwanca, but it was sunny and perfect none-the-less. We are so excited to welcome our two-week, Voyager, and Odyssey campers into our community tomorrow!