First Typical Day at Girls Camp

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It was a sunny start to our Tuesday over in Girls camp! Everyone was decked out in their onsies for Onsie Tuesday! Our Adventurer Girls spoke about Imagination during our Morning Stretch. Morning Stretch is where we do a fun dance to stretch our P fold, and some reflection for our R, and M folds. After the flag was raised we followed each other into the Eating Lodge for a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and orange slices!

While our Adventurer girls set out on a shake down, and the Explorer Girls 1 trip left for their 7 day hike, our in camp campers went to CORE. CORE is where each age group gets to come together and have some time for team building games, and other fun activities led by their age group coordinators!

IG 1 and 2 were next. Some campers hung out in Harry Potter party, while some were dancing it up in Zumba! After working up an appetite we all went to the Eating Lodge for Taco Tuesday!!! We all had our fair share of yummy Tacos, and then helped out in Dishland. This is where we dance and wash our dishes to our favorite Disney tunes.

Everyone moseyed to their cabins for rest hour, where some campers napped, while others wrote letters to loved ones. When the bell rang out we all got out Tribal shirts and closed toed shoes on for Tribal Games!! All the different Tribes competed against each other in fun games for Tribal points that they want in order to win the renown Tribal paddle at the end of the three weeks! And then it was off to IG 3 and 4 at the drop of a hat. With some Crafthouse Medley, and Archery we really do have it all!

Dinner was a success with delicious Kung Pao chicken, rice, and veggie spring rolls. This amazing dinner fueled our tanks for our Wacky Olympics night’s doings! This is where we played all sorts of crazy variations of beloved sports games. After tuckering ourselves out we ventured up to the Upper Lodge where we had a lovely Evening Reflection led by Cabin 19A as they too spoke on Imagination and what it means to them.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty great day on Girls Camp!