First Full Miniwanca Day

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Campers at First Full Day at Stony Lake 2018

Campers woke up this morning with as much excitement as they have on Christmas morning! After a yummy breakfast both Girls and Boys Camps went through the ‘Fun, Safe, Summer’ rotations where they (re)learned the ins and outs of this place we love so much. During these rotations we all went down to Stony Lake for swim checks at the waterfront. And how could we forget cabin photos! Everyone was so creative this year.

Cabin Photos

After such a packed morning we scarfed down a delicious lunch, followed by a much needed rest hour. The LITs woke everybody up with a hilarious Assembly filled with skits and songs to get us movin’ and groovin’.

Then interest group time was upon us. Stony Lake paddle sports, t-shirt time, and yoga, oh my! All the campers were able to stretch their four folds with the wide variety of options available. Free time followed interest groups, allowing the campers to hang out with both new and old camp friends.

After dinner Girls Camp participated in the famous Miniwanca version of The Amazing Race game for Night’s Doings. While across campus the Boys Camp had an awesome game of Wizard’s and Lizards! Both camps proceeded to move into some R fold activities with Evening Reflection. Girls Camp focused on today’s theme, which is Preparation. We allĀ  scurried off to our bays where we brushed out teeth and got into our pajamas, ready for bed after our first full day at Miniwanca!