Week 2 Opening Day

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Week 2 Opening Day

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” ~ African Proverb

“Coming Together” was our theme for the day and was very present throughout camp.  At lunch we came together as a nation to watch the women’s soccer team win the world cup.  Then we came together as a camp to clean and prep for the arrival of our 2 week and 5 week campers.  After registration and health checks, we all packed the Eating Lodge and ate together for dinner.  It was truly wonderful to see all the smiling faces!

Interest Group round up was the next agenda item for the evening.  Campers signed up for cool activities like Pool Party, Fishing, Reading with a View, and Nature Craft.  After that, campers continued coming together and bonding during Cabin Time Reflection, which included a discussion about the “Recipe for Success” while at camp.

As the summer dusk faded into night, campers climbed into their bunks, tired, but thankful for the opportunity to come together at Camp Miniwanca!