Extreme Polar Bear and Leader Hunt

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Extreme Polar Bear and Leader Hunt 2019

From Thursday, July 11th –

Words cannot convey the beauty of this place, exemplified even more by some great weather today!  Many of our campers welcomed the day with an early morning hike through the dunes to Lake Michigan for EXTREME Polar Bear.  Some shocked shouts accompanied our usual Polar Bear cheers as campers found the great lake to be a tad bit colder than the balmy waters of Stony Lake.

Campers then followed the programming for a very typical day here at Miniwanca.  Interest Groups, meals, rest time, Community Time, and Assembly made for a busy but fun day for all.

The highlight of the day was our Night’s Doings –Leader Hunt!  Our staff and cabin leaders are assigned point totals based on experience and age.  Then they scatter themselves throughout camp, hiding as best as possible.  Campers form buddy teams to search for and tag the leader, earning points for their Quad.  Imagine if you will a giant game of hide and seek combined with a huge game of tag all over Bryant Field and the trails of Miniwanca.  Campers were relentless in their efforts to find and capture their prized leaders!