Enkindled Spirits

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In AYF programs we often speak about the power of enkindled spirits; how one enkindled spirit has the power to change the world by sharing their light and their gifts with others.

Tomorrow, millions of young people will make their voices heard around the country and the world. They are daring to stand for change as they demand safe schools and a reduction in gun violence in their communities.

These young leaders, these enkindled spirits, will speak of their experiences and march to demand that their lives and their safety become a priority. The collective voice of millions will echo around the world with a call for action. We hope the adult leaders in our communities, states, and schools will hear their call and follow their lead toward bold and creative solutions.

The words below were shared on March 14th in support of the student action taken in honor of those who died as a result of gun violence in Parkland, Florida, and in far too many other communities. They continue to be our hopes for the youth leaders, the enkindled spirits, gathering tomorrow:

“We wish them wisdom and strength, and that which they seek and deserve – safety.

In a world paralyzed by division, the American Youth Foundation invites and inspires our youth to act as their best selves. May they dare to build bridges across divides and give birth to new ways of solving those issues that continue to divide adults in power.

May the youth of America lead us out of our darkness with their light, and may we all awaken with their walking.”