Enkindled Spirits: Lexie Hill

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Lexie Hill

Lexie has grown up at Miniwanca Girls Camp and the National Leadership Conference, returning each summer and completing the Odyssey cycling trip from Michigan to New Hampshire. She has been a leader in every stage of her camp experience, inspiring her peers with her gentle enthusiasm and positive outlook. We’ve seen her boldly conquer each stage of the camp experience, but even outside of camp, Lexie has shown the spirit to “adventure daringly” to pursue her academic and personal goals.

After her first year of high school at home in Boulder, Colorado, Lexie realized that she wanted to make a change, seeking more rigor and a deeper sense of connection in her school community. Her search led her to The Northwest School in Seattle, a boarding and day school which is both highly academic and focused on social justice and environmental sustainability. Lexie pursued this dream, was accepted and made the move out to Seattle to become part of a values driven community for her sophomore and junior years of high school.

Her experience at Northwest School opened the way to another educational adventure. Lexie was nominated to attend United World College in Mostar, Bosnia for her senior year and a gap year. This program is a two-year intensive study in an intercultural setting of 200 students total from around the world. Lexie was one of only two students from the United States who were nominated. UWC’s mission is to create peace and sustainability through education. The school in particular looks at curriculum through the lens of reconstructing community post war and conflict.

Lexie is an enkindled spirit who pursued her goals in order to become her best self and to engage in the process of working for peace and social justice in an international setting.

This article originally ran in the 2019 Founder Fire.